Longarm & Commission Quilting Services
Sending your quilt to a longarm quilter requires different preparation than either hand quilting or quilting on a domestic machine.

With professional longarm machines having separate leaders that your quilt top and backing attach to, all sections of your quilt must remain separated until loaded.

Please DO NOT pre-baste or pin your layers together.

Carefully check your quilt top for stray threads. Stray threads, especially dark threads on light tops, can show through after quilting.

Press your seams to one side as you piece your quilt. This is not only good advice for construction, but makes the process of SID (stitch in the ditch) much more successful.

Good quality batting appropriate for the final usage of your quilt enhances the success of your quilting experience.  If you have questions about what batting to use, please contact us and we will guide you in your batting choices.

Backings should be made 8" (eight inches) larger than your quilt top.  An example of this would be a quilt top measuring 60 x 80 would require a backing of 68 x 88.  This is necessary due to the nature of the rollers and clamps used on longarm machines.

I am currently using a longarm machine that is on a 12' table.  This leads to size restrictions on the width of quilt I can accept.  Maximum quilt width is 110" wide, with a maximum backing size of 117" wide.

LENGTH is NOT AFFECTED, only width.  If you require a quilter with a larger table size to accomodate a wider quilt, please contact me and I will gladly refer you to a quilter that I would personally use myself.

Successful longarm quilting is a collaboration between the quilt piecer and the longarm quilter.  Our goal is to make your quilt the special and unique quilt you desire.